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Pinhey Bros

Pinhey Bros. (John Southwood Pinhey and Reginald Pinhey), Carriage Repository, Queen Street. Telegraphic address. “Pinhey's Stables, Masterton.” Bankers, Bank of New South Wales. Private residences: J. S. Pinhey came Chapel Street; R. Pinhey, Queen Street. Both partners are natives of Devonshire. Mr. J. S. Pinhey came to the Colony in 1886, per s. s. “Kaikoura,” and Mr. R. Pinhey in 1888, per s.s. “Ruapehu,” and both were connected with the same line of business in England. The splendid new stables used by the firm are built of iron and wood, Mr. G. E. Daniel being the contractor. These stables are much admired and considered the most 

modern in Masterton. The whole floor, which contains nearly 7000 square feet of space, is floored with substantial timber. Ladies' and gentlemen's waiting-rooms, with water and gas laid on, have been fitted up for the use of customers. The firm established themselves in 1894, and have been well patronized by the following:—His Excellency Lord Glasgow, Hons. Walter Johnston, Rolleston, and Messrs. Beetham, Hogg, and Buchanan, M.H.R.'s. The firm have ten traps, consisting of landaus, broughams, drags, buggies, gigs, etc., which are always available with quiet horses and skilled drivers whenever required. 
Source Cyclopedia of New Zealand, Wellington Provincial District - Masterton. 
Published Wellington 1897

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