Aberdeenshire, Scotland


Notes: "ABERDEENSHIRE, a maritime Co. in the NE. of Scotland; bounded N. and E. by the German Ocean; S. by the counties of Kincardine, Forfar, and Perth; and W. by the counties of Inverness and Banff. Greatest length, NE. and SW., 85 miles; greatest breadth, NW. and SE., 42 miles; coast-line, 60 miles. Area, 1955.4 sq. m., or 1,251,451 ac. Pop. 267,990, or 137 persons to each sq. m. The coast is mostly bold and rocky, and with little indentation. The chief promontories are Kinnaird's Head, Rattray Head, and Buchan Ness, the last being the most easterly point of Scotland. The surface, on the whole, is hilly and mountainous. It is lowest in the districts bordering on the coasts; hilly in the interior, with much moor, but also with many slopes and hollows in a good state of cultivation; and grandly mountainous in the SW., where numerous summits, including Ben Macdhui (4296 ft.), rise above 3000 ft. Much of the country is well-wooded. The chief rivers are the Dee, Don, Ythan, Ugie, and Deveron. Granite is the principal rock, and is extensively quarried for exportation."
[Bartholemew's Gazetteer of the British Isles, 1887]


State/Province : Latitude: 57.162312381324476, Longitude: -2.6971435546875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Isabella  1853Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17102
2 Davidson, Alexander  Aberdeenshire, Scotland I3222
3 Robertson, Barbara Buchan  12 Oct 1873Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17107
4 Shirreffs, Anne  21 Apr 1869Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14387
5 Shirreffs, Barbara Buchan  1905Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17113
6 Shirreffs, Cecilia  17 Jan 1858Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14390
7 Shirreffs, Christina Thomson  10 Feb 1856Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14385
8 Shirreffs, Henry  12 Jan 1867Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14388
9 Shirreffs, Hugh  09 Apr 1865Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17157
10 Shirreffs, Isabella  1898Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17111
11 Shirreffs, James Argo  1901Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17112
12 Shirreffs, Janet  1890Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17108
13 Shirreffs, Jessie Johnston  23 Feb 1861Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14384
14 Shirreffs, John Johnston  25 Dec 1858Aberdeenshire, Scotland I4162
15 Shirreffs, John Reid  07 Nov 1916Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17114
16 Shirreffs, Joseph  1852Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17093
17 Shirreffs, Joseph  1872Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17103
18 Shirreffs, Joseph  1893Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17109
19 Shirreffs, Margaret  10 Dec 1860Aberdeenshire, Scotland I101
20 Shirreffs, Margaret  1895Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17110
21 Shirreffs, Margaret Thomson  28 May 1872Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14386
22 Shirreffs, Mary Ann  01 Feb 1861Aberdeenshire, Scotland I14389
23 Skene, Elizabeth  Abt 1794Aberdeenshire, Scotland I88


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Shirreffs, Joseph  1956Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17109