Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland



City/Town : Latitude: 57.147493, Longitude: -2.095392


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MacMillan, Percival Gilbert Grant  1 Mar 1907Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I5939
2 McMillan, Alexander  1799Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17118
3 McMillan, Alexander  1842Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17124
4 McMillan, Alexander  1866Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17137
5 McMillan, Andrew  1831Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17116
6 McMillan, Andrew  1877Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17142
7 McMillan, George  1879Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17143
8 McMillan, Isabelle  1833Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17122
9 McMillan, Jane  1875Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17141
10 McMillan, Mary Jane  15 May 1868Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17138
11 McMillan, Thomas  1801Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17133
12 McMillan, Thomas  30 Dec 1824Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17120
13 McMillan, Thomas  31 Dec 1872Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17140
14 McMillan, William  1797Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17132
15 McMillan, William  1834Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17123
16 McMillan, William  28 Jan 1871Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17139
17 McMillan, Williamina  13 Dec 1863Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17136
18 Reid, Margaret Kirton  19 Apr 1932Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I900
19 Scad, Elizabeth  Abt 1760Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I18687
20 Shirreffs, Alexander  4 Dec 1823Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I89
21 Shirreffs, Alexander  16 Oct 1852Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I4163
22 Shirreffs, Alexander  19 Jun 1863Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I96
23 Shirreffs, Alexander  21 Nov 1863Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I102
24 Shirreffs, Elizabeth Ann  9 Aug 1856Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I86
25 Shirreffs, Elizabeth Skene  Jan 1854Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I95
26 Shirreffs, Elizabeth Skene  17 Jan 1855Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I98
27 Shirreffs, Elspet  1890Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17106
28 Shirreffs, Gordon  1882Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17104
29 Shirreffs, Isabella  1888Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17105
30 Shirreffs, James  Abt 1825Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I90
31 Shirreffs, James  24 Jul 1859Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I4164
32 Shirreffs, James Middleton  16 Aug 1859Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17095
33 Shirreffs, Jessie a  Abt 1872Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17101
34 Shirreffs, Joseph  30 Nov 1862Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I105
35 Shirreffs, Joseph  22 Jan 1864Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I106
36 Shirreffs, Joseph Duncan  Abt 1833Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I93
37 Shirreffs, Peter  26 Apr 1827Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I91
38 Shirreffs, Peter  20 Dec 1870Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17100
39 Shirreffs, William  26 Jun 1863Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I99
40 Shirreffs, William Wilson  9 Sep 1865Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I107
41 Stuart, John (Jack)  1 Aug 1892Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I10896
42 Tytler, Jane (jean) s  1842Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17125


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Calder, Annie  1878Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17117
2 McMillan, Andrew  11 Sep 1892Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17116
3 McMillan, Christina Calder  5 Apr 1940Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I17115
4 Shirreffs, Alexander  May 1842Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I87
5 Shirreffs, Alexander  Abt 23 Oct 1907Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I4163


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Shirreffs, Alexander  28 Jun 1809Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I87
2 Shirreffs, Alexander  09 Apr 1816Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland I87


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Shirreffs / Inglis  19 Sep 1851Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland F27
2 Shirreffs / Johnston  6 Aug 1852Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland F26
3 Shirreffs / Sheret  3 Jun 1859Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland F28