Scotch Kirk

The first service of the "Scotch Kirk" was held on Petone beach on Sunday on 23/2/1840.  The Rev. John MacFarlane having, arrived on the ship `Bengal Merchant' on 21 Feb. 1840.  Until the arrival of two ministers of the Church of England on the ship ‘Bolton,’ on 21 April 1840 Rev MacFarlane had performed all religious duties in the new colony. 

A list of the early marriages performed by Rev MacFarlane was published in the NZ Gazette No.11.

During the next 2 months services were held at various places in the Hutt.  Towards the end of April the Kirk moved to Wellington where the congregation met in a variety of buildings until it opened in a new building in 1844.  This was rebuilt in 1866 as St Andrew's, and moved to The Terrace in 1879.[1]

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