Extract from New Zealand Gazette No.11

Published Port Nicholson Saturday Morning June 20 1840.


At sea on board of the "Bengal Merchant" on 29th December,1839, Mrs.John M'Beth, late of Torryburn, of a daughter.

At Port Nicholson, on the 29th February last, Mrs. Charles Rogers, late of Waltham Abbey, of a son.

At Port Nicholson, on 11th March, Mrs. John Lodge, late of Birmingham, of a daughter.

On the 22nd March, Mrs. Alexander Yule, late of Glasgow, of a son.

On 29th March, Mrs. Robert Beaumont, late of Long-acre, London, of a daughter.

On the 6th April, Mrs. John Newell, late of Belfast, of a daughter.

On the 16th April, Mrs. Richard Fairbrother, late of Hackney road, London, of a daughter.



By the Rev. Mr. M'Farlane

March 22, Mr Charles Stichbury, late of London, to Ann, daughter of Mr. John Turner, also of London.

April 5  Mr. William Tannerhill, joiner, late of Glasgow, to Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew Dugold, also of Glasgow.

April 16, Mr. William  Fowlds, late of West Riding, Yorkshire, to Ann, third daughter of Mr. William Walton, Morrfield, Yorkshire.

April 21, Mr. George Batten, wheelwright, late of Ashton, near Bristol, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. John Oxenham, of Plymouth.

April 26, Mr. John Stratford, pipe maker, late of Bristol, to Ann, daughter of Mr. John Hodnett, coach maker, late of London.

April 27,Mr.Robert Wyeth, formerly of London, to Jane, daughter of Mr. William  Runnells, late of Cornwall.

May 4, Mr. George Andrews, late of London, to Jessie, daughter of Mr. John Evans, coach-trimmer of London.

June 4, Mr.George Hamilton Coglan, late of Sydney, Merchant, to Jemima, daughter of Mr. John Oxenham, of Plymouth.



May 8th, Margaret, eldest daughter of William Golder, late of Newton, near Dalkeith, Scotland.