Duke of Roxburgh

On the 8 of February 1840 the ship Duke of Roxburgh arrived in Port Nicholson.  The `Duke of Roxburgh' was a ship of some 416 Tons; captained by Captain James Thomson, with one Robert Leslie as Commander.  The shipís Surgeon was Francis Healey.  The voyage had had a tragic last few days with the Captain, James Thomson, being lost overboard in a gale off Stephens Island.

The steerage passengers included: -

Poad Thomasage 28Blacksmith
Sarahage 29
Mary Annage 3
Phillipa Janeage 7 Mths
Reynolds Janeage 22Drape-maker
Thomas Wage 33
And Wifeage 28

Sarah and Thomas Poad are Jane Runnall's sister and brother-in-law and Jane Reynolds is of course Jane Runnalls.  Janeís embarkation number was 241 and the Poad Family 233.

William Thomas and wife were later the parents of Mary Ann Thomas whose son Thomas Sunnex married one of Jane Runnallsí Grandchildren, Elizabeth Wyeth.  They came with four children two named Robins and two named Eddy.

The first of the Steerage Passengers had gone on board in London on 17 September 1839, after which the Duke of Roxburgh sailed to Plymouth where on 1st of October the remaining steerage passengers, including Jane, Sarah and Sarah's family boarded.  The shipís journey started from Plymouth, on the 5th of October 1839 arriving in New Zealand waters on 7 February 1840 and berthing in Wellington on February 8th.  The final date of disembarkation is recorded in the List of the Steerage Passengers as 27 February.  One of the steerage passengers died on the way to New Zealand.

The following is a list of the Number, Names and Ages of the Steerage Passengers vitualled by the New Zealand Company on board the ship "The Duke of Roxburgh" Robert Leslie Commander from London to Plymouth and from thence to Port Nicholson with the number of days Vitualling for each passenger.

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