24 Sept 1842

Confidential 42/1654

Pol. Mag. monthly return of prisoners

? respecting other matters

Police Office

Wellington 16 Aug 1842


I have the honour to forward a return of cases before this office for the month of July last amounting to seventy-eight.

I regret to have to report that felonies are on the increase in the District, particularly robbery of timber and other articles for building.

A crime of a more serious nature was perpetrated last month namely ‘Burglary’ in Mr. Mortimeau's store.

I have succeeded in recovering the greater part of the stolen property, but have been obliged to commit for the main offence in consequence of the difficulty of ? as to the time the offence was committed.


His Excellency,

The Governor, 


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The person committed was this day tried, found guilty and sentenced to ‘seven years transportation.’

I forward a monthly return from Wanganui, only three cases.

The Natives are as usual quiet and peaceable, “Rhonghiato” has been remarkable well conducted since Mr Spain’s arrival.

There is some disturbance up the Hutt about Land there upon which Mr. Swainson is located but I  have no doubt it will end quiet.  Mr Spain, Clarke, Halliwell and Myself are going up tomorrow.

Trade is dull and money very scarce - no emigrant vessels, no capital arriving and little or - no export raising and the prospect of a bad -il season.

I have the honor to be
Your Excellency’s
Most obedient Servant
Michael Murphy  Chief Police

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Original of this document is held by National Archives New Zealand. Their reference - I.A.1 42/1654