Inquisition on Sarah Stanaway 8th October 1858

Statement of Marie Ann Wyeth

Information of witness taken this eight day of October 1858 in the District of the Hutt, at the house of George Buck, in the said District before Benjamin Buck, Surgeon, Coroner for the District of the Hutt touching on the death of Sarah Stanaway, then and there lying dead as follows.

Maria Ann Wyeth, Examined, being sworn states that she knew Sarah Stanaway, the deceased came several times to her fathers house and was dressed in a black dress with a blue and white & brown check skirt Witness recognises the skirt found with the deceased as the same as she had seen her wearing when alive.

                                    Signed Maria Ann Wyeth

Statement of Elizabeth Kilminster

Elizabeth Kilminster, Examined, being sworn states that she found a skull on Mr. Fry’s ground not far from her house, on October 1st it having been left there by the flood.

                                    Elizabeth Kilminister Her Mark

‘Michael Fin? Examined, being sworn states that he is Corporal of Police at the Hutt, that on October 7th he crossed the river near Mr S ? house at the Taitai, and proceeded to the spot where the head had been found, he picked up the clothes shown to the Jury, close to the spot,and also some other bones.  Witness took the clothes up to Mr Wyeth’s and they were recognised by his child as the clothes worn by Sarah Stanaway.’

Decision of the Jury