Inquisition on Sarah Price, Charlotte Hagan and Ors 20th January 1858

Statement by Charles Hartley

Charles Hartley, Examined being sworn stated that he was up the valley of the Hutt, near Mr Wyeth’s Barley Mow Inn, about 5 oclock, in the morning of January 18th the water was rising in the river rapidly.  He was talking with Mr Wyeth about that ? and he asked him if he thought the flood would rise high enough to injure the cattle, and he said, not.  About 8 oclock, the water had risen so high as to enter Mr Hagah’s house, and Witness went in to assist the inmates upstairs; there were Mrs Hagan and child, and the Mum Sarah Price.  The water rose very rapidly, and he went to Stanaway’s house which he had to reach by swimming; the inmates were all right then, he returned to Hagan’s house and and assisted the inmates to get on the roof of the house, Mr Stanaway the Carpenter, his wife, and five children had to climb onto the roof of their house as the water rose; Witness afterwards saw the house carried away by the force of the current and the inmates were all drowned. Viz Mr Stanaway carpenter, his wife and five children; Mr Sollars Blacksmith, his wife and child; and Mrs Hagan her infant son and Sarah Price.  Mrs Hagan had been confined early the same morning.

Witness escaped by swimming.

                                                Signed Charles Hartley

Statement by William Thomas

Decision of the Jury