Mary Ellen (nee Wyeth) and John Lincoln Murray and family

Mary was born in Stokes Valley on 6 December 1861, (Her tombstone says 8/12), the 5th daughter 11th child of Robert and Jane Wyeth . Mary was Baptised at Christs Church Taita.

Mary married John Lincoln Murray the son of William and Elizabeth Charlotte Watkins (nee Bishop) Murray. John was born in Port Lincoln South Australia in 1865, he came to New Zealand in 1886 on a health tour on the "Rotomahana."

On arriving in Wellington he decided to stay in New Zealand and accepted a position with Peter Dickson manager of the Wholesale Drapery Co of Masterton. John was appointed Manager a position which he held until 1889, when he resigned and started in business on his own account as J.L.Murray Ltd , as a men's Hatter, Hosier, Mercer, and Clothier.

In 1906 he built the Exchange Buildings in Masterton and moved there temporarily while new shop premises were being built near the Midland Hotel.

In 1914 John and Mary purchased a property known as "Wainuiomapu" of 3000 acres at Bideford, which they farmed for about 12 years.

William and Elizabeth Charlotte Watkins (nee Bishop) Murray

William Murray was born on 13 Sep 1817 at St Pancras, Middlesex, England the youngest of 6 children of Andrew and Sarah (nee Jones) Murray. Both Andrew and Sarah had been born in Scotland but moved to England Andrew was a Purser with the East India Company.

William Murray

William married Elizabeth De Normanville at St Giles, Gripplegate, England. William and Elizabeth left England for Australia on the 23 Aug 1852 on board the `Mayflower` arriving Adelaide on the 23 Jan 1853. They returned to London where Elizabeth died on 18 Jul 1861 at Maida Vale, she was buried Kensal Green Cemetery, London.

Elizabeth Bishop

William returned to Australia leaving on 5 Feb 1862 for Melbourne on `Anglesea` and then in June 1862 back to Adelaide on `SS Havilah.

William was remarried on 7 Jul 1863 at St Thomas the Apostle, Port Lincoln, South Australia to Elizabeth Charlotte Watkins Bishop daughter of John and Esther Elizabeth (nee Kemp) Bishop. Their Children were:

John Lincoln Murray born 1 Aug 1865 Port Lincoln, South Australia

Mary Edith Sara Murray born 13 Feb 1868 Boston Cottage, Adelaide, South Australia

George Murray born 29 Jan 1871 Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia

Esther Elizabeth Bishop Murray was born on 2 May 1872 in Adelaide, South Australia

Esther married George Robert Sykes son of Mary Ellen (nee wyeth) Murray's elder sister Maria (nee Wyeth) Sykes.

Motor Accident on Wainuiomapu Road

Mr J. L. Murray's Miraculous Escape

A motor accident, which might easily have been attended with more serious results, occurred near Wainuiomapu shortly after 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon 27 June 1916. Mr J.L. Murray, of Masterton, was proceeding to his Wainuiomapu property, and when about two miles from the homestead, arrived at a bend in the road, where the track is very bumpy through wash-outs. The front wheels of the car shot outwards, and in the sudden attempt to bring the car back to position, something evidently went wrong with the steering gear and one of the wheels collapsed. The result was that the car precipitated over a bank, and fell a distance of about two hundred feet. Mr Murray retained his grip on the driving wheel, and remained in the car right to the bottom of the gully, despite the fact that the car turned two complete somersaults on the way down. The car was smashed to fragments, but by a miracle Mr Murray escaped with a severe shaking and some bruises. and was able to walk to the homestead. Persons who visited the scene of the accident this morning, and saw the spot where the car went over, and the way in which it was smashed, agree that Mr Murray's escape was simply miraculous[1].


During the thirties John and Mary sold their Men's Outfitters business to Messrs Bullick, Blackmore, Ltd. John's retirement marked the end of nearly 50 years in business in Masterton.

John served two terms on Masterton Borough Council for total period of 4 years, was an original member of Masterton Bowling Club a member of the Masterton Masonic Lodge No 19 and a keen Horticulturalist.

John died 2 January 1944 at his home at 48 Church St, Masterton aged 78[2].

Mary died 3 November 1951. Mary and John are buried in the Pioneer section of Masterton Cemetery with their son Lincoln Bishop Murray.




Aileen Maybird Murray

Aileen was born in Masterton on 14 May 1890 the eldest child of Mary Ellen and John Lincoln Murray and was Baptised at St Matthew's Church Masterton.

Aileen fell off the Kitchen table when she was about six years old and broke her right arm. The arm was badly set and after being broken and reset a number of times stiffened. When she was an adult gangerine developed and she had three fingers removed in separate operations. Later her arm removed above the elbow.

Aileen Married Charlton Wilson Carroll only son of Samuel and Florence Carroll of Wellington.

Wedding Carroll - Murray

A very pretty wedding was solemnised at St Matthew's Church today when Mr Charlton Wilson Carroll, only son of Mr and Mrs Samuel Carroll, of Wellington, was married to Miss Aileen Murray, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs J.L. Murray of Masterton.

The Bride, who was given away by her father, wore a handsome gown of ivory satin charmouse, trimmed with Irish crchet lace and pearls, with an embroidered veil over a bandeau of orange blossom and lily of the valley, she carried a beautiful shower bouquet. She was attended by Misses Edith and Gladys Murray, who were attired in pale apricot satin charmouse dresses, drapped with mechlin lace, and finished at the waist with violet mirror velvet. They wore large black'panne velvet hats, trimmed with a large apricot satin rose, and carried bouquets of violets and maiden hair fern, and wore gold bangles, the gift of the Bridegroom. Mr S.Tingey and Mr J.Harrison, of Wellington, acted as best man and groomsman respectively.

The Rev H.Watson was the officiating clergyman and Mr Spenser Compton presided at the organ.

After the ceremony, a reception was held in the Exchange Hall. The Bride's mother wore a gown of grey silk crepe-de-chine and black hat with black plumes and flame coloured wing. Mrs Deck (sister of the bridegroom) wore an oral ninon finished with saxe blue velvet and saxe blue velvet hat and plumes.

Later in the afternoon, Mr and Mrs C.W.Carroll left by motor for the north, the bride wearing a nave tailored costume with a violet velvet hat, and black fox furs, the gift of the bridegroom[3].

Samuel and Florence Marian Carroll

Samuel Carroll was born in London on the 23rd of September, 1827. Mr. Samuel CarrollHe was educated at private schools and at the City of London School. and was freeman. Of his citizenship he was intensely proud. The motto of the city, Domme dirige nos, meant very much to him in the ordering of his life. He was, too, a member of the Cloth workers' Company, and, was exceedingly .proud of his connection with that ancient trade guild.

In the "fifties" Mr. Carroll was connected with an English house doing business with the East Indies, and he served in Batavia, Singapore, and Manila. On returning to England in the P. and O. steamer Alma in 1859 Mr. Carroll and his fellow passengers were wrecked on the Harnish Islands, in the Red Sea. On each side of the sea there were then, as now, fierce Bedouin hordes ready to plunder and murder the passengers and crew, and on the Islands there was no water. The shipwrecked, party were all taken off three and a half days later by H.M.S. Cyclops, after much suffering from thirst and exposure to the terrific heat of the Red Sea. Only one life was lost, that of the purser, and he died from sunstroke. There was no Suez Canal in those days, so the members of the party were overlanded from Suez to the Nile, and thence to Alexandria, where they took ship for London. That was the mail route in those days. The incident of the wreck formed the basis of Tom Taylor's "Overland Route."

Three years later, for family reasons, his mother, four sisters, brother, and self sailed for New Zealand. “Why did you select New Zealand?" he was asked. "Well," replied Mr. Carroll, "we had a friend at Home who had lived at Wellington, and he recommended us very strongly to go there." The Carroll family arrived here in October, 1862, and in December of the same year, the subject of the present notice became secretary of the Chamber of Commerce. He has not held that position continuously ever since. He retained it for two years, and then resigned, as he was by that time in the service of the New Zealand Steam Navigation Company, which suggested that, he should not occupy the two positions. The Chamber of Commerce, it may be added, was resuscitated in 1875, with Mr. W. H. Levin as president and Mr. Carroll as secretary. Mr. Carroll has been secretary ever since.

By 12 Jun 1865 Samuel's name was appearing in the local paper as churchwarden of St Peter's Church Te Aro in relation to a construction project for the enlargement of the church buildings.

On 21 Jan 1869 at Brougham St, Wellington Samuel married Florence Marian Capper daughter of John Henry Capper.

Samuel died on 3 December 1910. He was survived by his son, Mr. C. W. Carroll, for some years his collaborator at the Chamber of commerce; and his daughters, Mrs. C. A. Ogilvie, Mrs. J. JL Deck, and Miss Carroll. His wife predeceased him about eight years ago.

Charlton was born 22 Jul 1881, Wellington City, Wellington, New Zealand. Charlton from 1903 to 1910 assisted his father as Secretary of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce and was appointed acting Secretary for a period of three months after his fathers death. He was also the Secretary of the SPCA from 1907 to 1910. Charlton died Abt 1934, New Zealand.

Aileen died in 1953 in Owen St Wellington

Aileen's Family

Murray Charlton Carroll

Murray was born on 11 May 1914 from MacFarlane St Wellington. Family had house built at 14 Buller St Wgtn and moved there when Murray was 3. He attended Wellesley College (primary), the first year in Woodward St Wgtn and later years on the Terrace where Shell House stands today. In the early 1920s a major fire in destroyed all the houses in McKenzie Tce. The Carrolls moved into one of the rebuilt houses. Murray received his secondary education at Wellington College.

Murray married Jane Patricia Constance on 3 May 1945 at Bath Somerset England. Murray and Jane had 5 children. Murray and Jane separated and Murray was later remarried to Joan Williams on 5 December 1959. Joan was born on 30 March 1915.

Murray died 10 May 1991 at Hutt Hospital, his funeral service was held at St John's Church of England Trentham. Joan continued to live at 4A Blundell Way Heretaunga. Joan died shortly after and they are both buried in St John’s Churchyard Trentham.

Mary Florence Carroll

Mary was born on 28 October 1918. Mary married John Coleman in 1944. For a time in the early 50s they lived in the Hutt Valley at the bottom of Haywards Hill. Mary and John had 5 children. Mary died in 1983.


Mary Elizabeth (Fluff) Murray

Mary was born on 3 Jan 1892 the 2nd daughter of Mary Ellen and John Lincoln Murray.

In 1919 Mary married George Henry Davey son of James and Annie Elizabeth (nee Craig) Davey. George was born on 11 July 1893. James and Annie had a large family.

Mary and George lived in New Plymouth.

Mary died on 27 August 1973 and is buried in Masterton Cemetery alongside her mother. George died in New Plymouth on 5 Sep 1981and was cremated two days later and his ashes placed in the Garden of Remembrance at New Plymouth.

They had no children.


Gladys Esther Murray

Gladys was born on 14 July 1895 the 3rd daughter of Mary Ellen and John Lincoln Murray.

In 1921 Gladys married Donald James son of Henry and Isabella (nee Mackenzie) James.

Donald was born 5 April 1892

Gladys and Donald farmed at Rangitumau which is on the way to Mt Bruce from Masterton.

Donald died 8 June 1975 and is buried in a Returned Services grave in Masterton Cemetery. Gladys died just two months later on 13 August 1975 and is buried in the adjacent plot[4].

Glady's Family

Juliet Murray James

Julie was born in Masterton on 15 February 1922. On 29 November 1947 at St Matthews Church Masterton she was married to Donald Arthur Spiers . Donald was born in Palmerston North on 10 February 1922. Donald was a Chartered Accountant he served as a pilot officer in the RNZAF in the Second World War (Regt No 413137). Julie and Donald had one son, Donald who died on 20 March 1994 at Masterton Hospital. Julie lived at 41 Essex St Masterton until her death on 24 March 2004. They are buried in Riverside Cemetery Masterton.

Josephine Esther James

Josephine was born on 14 June 1924. She married Francis Garfield Spite. Francis was a Meat Inspector and Farmer. They lived at "Rangitumau" Rangitumau, Masterton. They had two children a son and a daughter. Josephine died on 3 June 1985.


Lincoln Bishop Murray

Lincoln was born in Masterton on 3 September 1895 the 4th child, only son of Mary Ellen and John Lincoln Murray.

On the 26th of February 1916 Lincoln aged 20 years and 5 months was examined by Major A Hosking, found to be in excellent health, and as a consequence passed his Arrmy Medical. His height was 5 foot 7 inches, he weighed 136 pounds, his chest measurements were min 33 inches max expansion 37 inches. He had a dark complexion, blue eyes, and brown hair. His occupation was Farmer and his religion Anglican. Lincoln enlisted on 30 May 1916, and on the 2nd June was Posted to Featherston Camp as a Gunner in the 17th NZFA. On 10th August he was admitted to Featherston Hospital with the measles, he was discharged on the 16th.

On 23 September they embarked on the SS Pakeha in Wellington and headed for England arriving at Devonport on 18 November from where they were taken to Camp Sling. On Christmas day 1916 he was again admitted to Hospital this time in Codford but only for a few days.

Lincoln embarked for France on 10 February 1917 arriving in Etaples on the 13th he was posted to the 15th Battalion on 1 March 1917. In February 1918 he returned to the UK on leave rejoining his unit on 18 February.

On 8 April he was injured in the field and addmitted to the No 1 Field Ambulance Casualty Clearing Station, from there he was transfered to the 1st Canadian General Hospital in Etaples where he died on 13 April 1918. His injuries were multiple compound fractures of the left arm and amputated right a result of those wounds. He was aged 22. Lincoln had not married[5]. He is buried in Masterton Cemetery in the same plot as his father. His inscription reads "They are not dead who live in the hearts of those they loved."

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