Joseph and Phoebe Wyeth and Family

Joseph Wyeth was born in Taita on 25 June 1854 the 4th son 8th child of Robert Wyeth and Jane (nee Runnalls) Wyeth.

For many years Joseph drove a team between the Hutt and the Upper Hutt bringing in supplies. Another job he undertook as a young man was cutting and hauling saplings for government constructions including the Government Buildings in Lambton Quay.

Pheobe Annie Elizabeth Sunnex

Phoebe was born on 1 August 1850 the daughter of William Sunnex and Eliza (nee Webley) Sunnex. Phoebe was a servant in the Boarding house/Coffee house in Cuba Street Wellington run by the Wyeth family and it was during this time that she fell pregnant to Joseph. The child of this union, Frank was on born the 10 June 1870. Frank was baptised as Frank Edward James Wyeth at St John's Church of England Trentham, on 28 July 1870.The record of the baptism is noted, `The Bastard child of Phoebe Sunnex ' and her address is given as The Georges.

Phoebe was baptised at Christs Church Taita on 25 April 1871. The witness at the Baptism was Maria Ellen Southee Phoebe's sister, the wife of George Southee, settler of Taita. George and Maria's son William aged 5 was baptised at the same time.

William and Eliza (nee Webley) Sunnex

William was born in Upchurch, Kent on 8 March 1801and Eliza in Detling also in Kent on 8 March 1806. William and Eliza were married in Breadhurst Kent England on 13 March 1826. They came to New Zealand with their 5 eldest children on the ship Tyne departing from England on 6 April 1841 and arriving in Wellington on 9 August of the same year. William's occupation was at that time given as Agricultural Labourer.  William died on 21 Jul 1883 and Eliza on 7 August 1897 both in Upper Hutt. Some sources have William as buried at Christ's Church Taita but he is not recorded in the Cemeteries records. Eliza was buried in Upper Hutt on August 10, 1897, where, is another question.

William and Eliza had 9 children[3]

Born England
  Birth Death Comments
Francis 30 Apr 1826 23 Jun 1887 m 10/8/1846 to Charles Mudgeway
Mary Ann 29 Jul 1827    
Sarah 1828   m 6/2/1851 to Robert Clarke
Maria 1836 18 Aug 1922 m 24/12/1855 to George Southee m 1907 to Robert James Ferguson
William 1838 12 Jun 1918  
Born in New Zealand
Thomas Charles 1841 30 Jul 1897 m 8/4/1872 to Elizabeth Hanning (widow)
John 1843 6 Jul 1926 m 11/7/1870 to Mary Ann Thomas
Emma Elizabeth 6 Nov 1845 17 Feb 1893 m 11/4/1866 to Charles David Harris*
Phoebe Ann Elizabeth 1 Aug 1850 15 Nov 1902 m 8/8/1873 to Joseph Wyeth

*Charles David Harris is the brother of Walter Harris.  Walter Harris married Joseph's sister Sarah Jane Wyeth.

** John's son Thomas married Elizabeth Wyeth daughter of Joseph and Phoebe (see below) 

Marriage in Taita

Joseph and Phoebe were married on 8 August 1873 at the house of Robert Clarke of Taita. Robert's wife Sarah was Phoebe's sister. 

Although permission to marry[1] was given by William Sunnex and Robert Wyeth as fathers of the bride and groom, something happened at the time of the wedding and Joseph's decision to marry Phoebe did not meet with his father's approval. As a consequence Joseph left the family home and had little further to do with his family.

In latter years he told his granddaughter, Ivy White, that he had no regrets as Phoebe had been a good wife and a good mother to his children. For many generations Joseph was known as the Black sheep of the family .

Stokes Valley

When their second son Joseph Robert William known as Jack was born, in February 1874, Joseph and Phoebe were living in Stokes Valley, Joseph was a labourer. By April 1875 when the next son Herbert John was born they were living in Upper Hutt.

Ebden Town

On 10 February 1886 Joseph Wyeth, Bushman of Upper Hutt purchased a property in Ebden Town, Upper Hutt, later known as Ebdentown St.

For many years Joseph worked at Trentham racecourse. as groundsman. Although living to the north of Upper Hutt he walked to and from work each day. Joseph was a keen walker and was known quite regularly when he needed to go to Wellington to walk the 20 miles each way. He was always a healthy man, his granddaughter Ivy has no memory of him ever being sick.

Phoebe although not an educated person was the was the financial manager in the family and had been budgeting and giving Joseph the money to pay the mortgage payments unfortunately Joseph found other uses for the money and in 1891 the property was the subject of a Mortgagee sale due to non payment of mortgage interest. When the mortgagee heard that Joseph had regularly diverted the mortgage payments to support his gambling habit he allowed Phoebe to repurchase part of the property which she finally did in 1897.

Joseph was very much a gentleman, and was well known to correct anyone swearing, even in a mild way, in front of his grandchildren. His one weakness was the gambling and which he acknowledged saying that if he hadn't wasted his money in this way he would have been able to take advantage of an offer to purchase sections on 'The Terrace' in Wellington at 100 pounds each. It was his gambling no doubt which gave him an interest in greyhounds which he breed and trained for a number of years.

Phoebe's death

Phoebe was a very religious woman with a many large pictures of our Lord and the saints; thus some rooms in the house really didn't need wall paper. Phoebe died on 15 November 1902 aged 50 and is buried in St John's Churchyard Trentham. Phoebe's grave is still to be found along the side of the drive to the south side of the church. A tree has grown up in the grave alongside the headstone.

Louise Williams/Wyeth

After Phoebe's death Joseph and his youngest son, George, continued to live in the family home employing a widow, Mrs Louisa Amelia Allen, as housekeeper. Early in 1907 Mrs Louise Williams became Mrs George Wyeth and by 1910 there were also 2 little Wyeths living in "the Homestead" as the children knew it.

When George's eldest child, Ivy, was about 7 or 8 Joseph and his brother Thomas Wyeth, then living at Lansdown, out of Masterton, decided to try to heal the rift in the family, and Joseph agreed to visit Thomas. Joseph went with his granddaughter Ivy. She tells of being collected at Masterton Station by car and delivered to the Homestead at Lansdown, to be greeted at the door by a uniformed maid, and entertained to a lavish meal. All was healed. After dinner the two brothers sat down for a chat and in the course of conversation discussed the relative merits of two types of fowl. Unfortunately the two brothers were unable to agree and after the subsequent argument separated unhappily and never spoke to one another again.

Joseph's Granddaughter

They say that "History repeats itself" with his own relationship with his family as an example one could expect Joseph to be more tolerant to his children and grandchildren. However this was not to be. When Herbert's daughter Phoebe Elizabeth, Joseph's granddaughter married William Thomas Chasland, a lad of Maori descent, Joseph voiced his disapproval by forbidding any of the family then living in the Upper Hutt family home to attend the wedding. When the bride and groom turned up on the doorstep to spend their wedding night in the family home he refused them entry and told them to go to the Marae.

George and Louise continued living in the Homestead until around 1920 when they moved to Newtown. For the next 10 years or so until Joseph was unable to continue living by himself and moved into a home in Central Park Wellington the regular Sunday activity was a visit to him at the Homestead.

Joseph was living in the home for the aged in Central Park, Brooklyn at the time of his death.Joseph died in Wellington Hospital on 30 April 1937, he was buried in St John's churchyard Trentham on 3 May there is no longer any trace of a tombstone.

Thanks to Ivy While for the information from which the above was complied.


Frank Edward James Sunnex

Frank was born at ` The Georges ' on 10 June 1870 the son of Joseph Wyeth and Phoebe Sunnex.He was baptised, on 28 July 1870, at St John's Anglican Church Trentham.

When Frank was about 13 years old he got a beating from his mother and took off. He was not seen for some years until he turned up with a shipment of race horses from Australia. It transpired that after his disagreement with his mother he had gone to the race course at Trentham where joined up with an Australian Racehorse owner and had returned to Australia with him.

He stayed in New Zealand after this and was very successful as a Harrier. The financial rewards from his running contributed considerably to his ability to purchase his farm a Pongaroa. Frank was also a very accomplished violinist and played at many wedding and other functions in the area.

When his brother Herbert was killed in April 1935 Frank paid for the Funeral.

It was only a few months after Herbert's death that Frank died himself. Frank had an arrangement whereby his groceries were delivered to the farm gate and he would collect them.The carrier delivering the groceries found that last weeks were still there. He went back to town and told the police who found his body up the back of the farm where he had died.Frank had been due to play at a wedding the previous Saturday but hadn't turned up.

Frank was not included in his mothers will when she died in 1902.

Frank did not marry.


Joseph Robert William (Jack) Wyeth

Jack was born in Stokes Valley on 6 February 1874 the 2nd son of Joseph and Phoebe Wyeth. He was baptised at Christs Church Taita on 28 April 1874.

Jack's wife was a Mrs Kate Steinmuller (nee Hodges). Kate's previous husband Tasman Steinmuller was a patient at Porirua Mental Hospital. Kate died in Wellington on 25 March 1916.

Kate Hodges

Kate was born on 6 April 1877 the daughter of Carter Job Hodges and Lucy Hodges 

Carter Job Hodges born circa 1849 in Southam, Warwick, England, was baptised on 10 Jun 1849 in Southam, Warwick, England, and died circa 1916 in Kaiwharawhara, Wellington, New Zealand at age 67. Carter married Lucy Barrott on 20 Aug 1874 in Thorndon, Wellington, New Zealand, daughter of Joseph Barrott and Eliza Webster. Lucy was born on 22 Dec 1853 in Stockton, Warwick, England, was baptised on 12 Mar 1854 in Stockton, Warwick, England, and died in 1898 in Woodville at age 45. Their children were:

Eliza Hodges born 14 Jul 1874, Palmerston North, died 12 Apr 1921, Westport, West Coast, New Zealand

Emma Elizabeth Hodges born 11 Apr 1876, Kaiwharawhara, Wellington died 26 Feb 1942, Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand

Kate Hodges born 06 Apr 1877, Kaiwharawhara, Wellington died 25 Mar 1916, Wellington, New Zealand

Joseph Job Hodges born 5 Dec 1879, Kaiwharawhara, Wellington, died 20 Jul 1954, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Richard Hodges born 15 Feb 1882, Kaiwharawhara, Wellington, died 12 Feb1953, Nelson City, Nelson, New Zealand

William Frederick Hodges born 4 Apr 1885, Kaiwharawhara, Wellington, died 18 Sep 1959, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

James Herbert Edward Hodges born 24 Dec 1889, Kaiwharawhara, Wellington, died 18 Jul 1973, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

After Lucy died Carter married her sister Fanny Barrott. Fanny was born on 28 Nov 1856 in Stockton, Warwick, England, was baptised on 12 Mar 1857 in Stockton, Warwick, England, and died on 20 Jul 1940 in Kaiwharawhara, Wellington, New Zealand at age 83. 

Kate married Tasman Steinmuller on 18 Feb 1897 in Wellington, New Zealand. Tasman was born 2 July 1873 in New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia.  Kate and Tasman had two children.

Some time after Kate died Jack got a housekeeper, Mrs Violet Auld, who was still looking after him at the time of his death. Violet was a sister of Louise Allen who was married to his youngest brother George. (see notes on Violet and Louise below) Jack and his family lived in a property at 17 Ebdentown Street Upper Hutt which was owned by Jack.

Jack died in Upper Hutt on 7 February 1959 aged 84 years

Jack's Family

Joseph Robert (Pont) Wyeth

Pont was born 31 Jan 1905. He married Pauline Bromley. Pauline was born in 1911 she had been married before to Edward Burrows and brought a son with her into the marriage. Pont was a farmer at Otahanga on the Gold Coast south of Waikanae. They had 2 children. Pauline died in Te Kuiti, Waikato on 14 May 1964. Pont died in 6 Nov 1973 also in Te Kuiti.

Alfred Edward Wyeth

Alfred was born on 21 March 1907 Upper Hutt, Wellington. Alfred attended Upper Hutt School 3/2/1914 till 28/5/1915. Reg No 1745. He left school because he was "home ill." He did not marry. Thomas Davie his brother-in-law looked after his financial affairs for him in his later years. Alfred died in Auckland on 17 Jan 1986.

Arthur Roy Wyeth

Arthur was born on 23 July 1909 in Upper Hutt. He attended Upper Hutt School from 30 January 1917 till 26 March 1926. When he left his next School was recorded as "Home." He did not marry. Arthur died in 1970 in Otorohanga aged 61.

William John (Bill) Wyeth

Bill was born in 12 August 1911, he attended Upper Hutt School from 22 June 1920 to 8 July 1927, previous school Greytown. Next school shown as "Home Work." He was married in 1946 to Olive Tainton. Olive was born on 9 July 1917  she had been married previously in 1938 to Arthur Brinton. Bill and Olive had 3 children. Olive died on 27 February 1973 age 55. Bill died in Auckland on 20 June 1977 aged 65.

Rachael Jane (Biddie) Wyeth

Biddie was born on 10 August 1913. Biddie attended Upper Hutt School from 22 June 1920 to 7 March 1925 her previous school Greytown next school Wellington. Address at time of admission was Trentham. Rachel was first married in 1938 to David Arnold Tainton.  David was born on 12 Jan 1913 they had one daughter. Then on 22 March 1946 she was married to Thomas Davie. Thomas was born on 7 November 1909 in Polmont, Sterling, Scotland the son of Alexander and Charlotte Hill (nee Morrow) Davie. Thomas and Rachael had 2 children and lived at one time at 12 Ajax St Devonport, Auckland. Rachel died 29 February 1992 and her ashes placed in the Memorial wall at the North Shore Memorial Park.

James (Jim) Wyeth

Jim was born in Trentham on 10 July 1915. Attended Upper Hutt School from 1 July 1920 till 13 September 1929 he left school to take up plastering and carpentry.

Jim worked initially for New Zealand Railways, but left to serve his time as a carpenter with Ted Salisbury, Builder in Upper Hutt. He continued with Ted until he had heart trouble and then moved to lighter duties as a carpenter in the maintenance group at Dunlop.

He was married on 5 November 1936 to Hazel Fahey they were married in Railway Ave Upper Hutt. Hazel was born in Dunedin on 23 February 1918 daughter of John Clymer and Agnes (nee Walker) Fahey. Hazel lived in Allenton some 15 miles south of Dunedin, until she was 11.At this time her elder brother Edward John who was living and working in Upper Hutt came to Allenton to visit his family and after a lot of persuasion on Hazel's part took her back to Upper Hutt with him. She stayed for 3 years attending Upper Hutt School. When after Hazel's return to Allenton Ted visited his family again an Aunt asked him if he was intending to take Hazel again. Ted said it was up to Hazel, so she returned to Upper Hutt and was subsequently married to Jim from Ted's home in Upper Hutt.

Jim died at Lower Hutt Hospital on 24 June 1968, aged 52 of Hodgkin's Disease. Hazel lived the latter part of her life at 14B Bonnie Glen Cres in central Upper Hutt. Jim and Hazel had 5 children. Hazel died 23 Apr 2003 and is buried in Akatarawa Cemetery north of Upper Hutt.


Herbert John Wyeth

Herbert was born on 2 April 1875 the 3rd son of Joseph and Phoebe Wyeth. Herbert was baptised at Christs Church Taita on 1 June 1875.

In 1901 Herbert married Annie McMenamin

Herbert's mother Phoebe died on 15 November 1902 and it had been to Herb's new bride, Annie, who the task of looking after her in her final months.

Herb was a very good natured man always helping somebody.

After Herb's brother Jack's wife died in 1917 Jack's 3 youngest children came to live with Herb and Annie and stayed for 5 years. Jim was just a toddler at the time. Mary remembered that when they arrived Herb put the three of them in a tub and gave them a good scrub and a hair cut. Jack's older boys used to visit and one time they brought Mary a little fox terrier pup.

Herbert was a Roadworks Foreman for the Featherston Council the Overseer, Tom Davis, used to come to see Herb each night and give him his instructions for the following day.

On the 17 April 1935 Herbert's motor bike broke down on his back way home to Featherston.As he pushed his bike home along the Martinborough Featherston road his friend Billy Boston stopped to give him a hand. After some discussion it was agreed that Billy would tow Herbert home using a light rope wound once round the handle bars and held by Herbert. Unfortunately all did not turn out so simple. Coming across the Tauherenikau river bridge Herbert's bike developed a wobble and he fell off the bike falling on top of him. Although they were only going very slowly Herbert and the bike were dragged along the road for several yards.When Billy stopped he found that Herbert was unconscious. Herbert's son-in-law William Chasland was driving past and agreed to take Herbert home. Although he came to temporarily when they were getting him inside at home he did not remain conscious and was admitted to Greytown Hospital where he died at 4:45 am the next morning, the 18 of April. The cause of death was Cerebral Haemorrhage[4]. Herbert was buried in Featherston Cemetery he was aged 60 when he died.

Annie lived for a number of years after Herbert's death and spent her last years with her Granddaughter Joan who she had, in fact, brought up as her own daughter. Annie died on 8 February 1964 aged 84 and was buried in the same plot as her late husband.

Francis Joseph Wyeth

Francis was born in Upper Hutt on 16 January 1901. Attended Upper Hutt School 29 June 1908 to 13 December 1911, previous school Harewood in Canterbury left to attend Featherston School. He married Margaret Louise (Peggy) King. Peggy was born in 1909 the daughter of William Allan and Margaret (nee Whiteside) King.  Frank and Peggy lived in Auckland they 3 children. Peggy died in 1976. Frank married for a second time in 1955.  His new bride was Gwendoline Louise Marshall. Gwen, as Gwindleen Louisa Marshall, was born on 6 July 1904 the daughter of William Francis Manders and Charlotte Ellen (nee Javis) Marshall.  Frank died on 24 December 1970 in Auckland and Gwen on 24 April 1989.

Phoebe Elizabeth Wyeth

Phoebe was born on 2 February 1901 in Upper Hutt. She married William Thomas Chasland. William was born circa 1897. Phoebe and William lived in Greytown. They had 3 children.

Myrtle Annie Wyeth

Myrtle was born in 1905 in Upper Hutt. When Myrtle was 19 she had a relationship with Hone Louis Varnham. Hone was born 25 Jul 1905 the son of Charles Dixon Luxford and Lily (nee Rea) Varnham. Hone and Myrte had one daughter. In 1929 Myrtle married Kenneth Percival Edwards. Ken was born on 16 Jul 1904. Ken was the son of Percival Thomas and Rose Ethel Stevenson ( nee Collie) Edwards, this was Ken's second marriage. Ken and Myrtle had 2 sons.   Myrtle was married again in 1947 to Leonard Fafeita. Myrtle died of Cancer in the same year aged 41.

Mary Ellen Wyeth

Mary was born on 3 April 1907 in Silverstream. Mary stayed with her Uncle George and attended Upper Hutt School from 2 Oct to6 Oct 1916. She went to Featherston School after this. Mary was married at St John's Church Featherston to Cecil Samuel Garrity son of Samuel and Mary (nee Wiigins) Garrity.


Samuel and Mary Garrity

In 1854 18 year old Samuel Garrity left Northern Island to come to New Zealand. Born in County Tyrone the son of James and Sarah (nee Bratten) Garrity. In New Zealand in 1883 Samuel married Mary Jane Wiggins, elder daughter of Thomas and Isabella Wiggins of Greytown. They settled on a farm, "Bank View," at Morrison's Bush and raised a family of eight children;

  Born Died Other
Isabella Sarah 1885    
Eliza Margaret 1888    
George William Beattian 1890 1971 marr Ruby Humphries
John Charles 1892    
James Thomas 1894    
Rebecca Maud 1895    
Cecil Samuel 22 Sep 1897   marr.Mary Ellen Wyeth
Allen Knox 1899    

Daughter of Mr and Mrs Harry Humphries of Humphries St Greytown.

In 1893 Sam Garrity started a small transport business based in Greytown, Wairarapa. Little did he know that 115 years later the business he started from scratch would still be going strong and continues to be run by two of his great, great, great grandsons, as a successful family owned and operated business.[5]

Mary and Samuel both died at "Bank View" Mary on 14 June 1918 and Samuel on 13 June 1923.

Cecil Garrity was born on 22 September 1897.Cecil's working life was spent with Garrity Bros.

mso-bidi-font-size: 10.0pt">Garrity Bros, carrying business was started by Sam Garrity  in Greytown with a dray and a 3 horse team. Sam opened a bank account for the business in 1893 and in 1914 took his 3 sons George, Jimmy and Cecil into the business. Cecil and Jimmy were both overseas on active service during the 1914-18 war and George ran the business in their absence. After the 3 brothers retired the business was taken over by Cecils son Martyn and his cousin John.

Cecil died in Greytown on 12 August 1969 from heart failure. Mary still lived in the family home at 10 Humphries St Greytown. They had 6 children.

George Wyeth

George was born in 1911 in Upper Hutt. He married Mary Marshall. Mary was born the same year.

George worked in the Public Works department prior to joining the army. In the army he was posted to Waiouru where he was employed in the power house, he had the rank of Sergeant.

George died on 6 September 1941 from a broken neck suffered in a car accident when a 1926 Austin three seater tourer he was driving left the road in bad weather. George and three friends had been to Taihape to visit friends and do some shopping. George offered to drive home and misjudged a curve in the road and the car rolled down a bank, he was partly thrown from the car and the vehicle ended up on top of him[6]. George was buried in Featherston Cemetery. George and Mary had 6 children the youngest Bert was born 2 October 1941 just less than a month after his father died.

Source - Most of the comments on Herbert and his family came from Mary Garrity when I visited her in her home at 10 Humphries Street Greytown.


Thomas Earnest Wyeth

Thomas was born in Upper Hutt on 31 July 1876 the 4th son of Joseph and Phoebe Wyeth.He was baptised at Christ's Church Taita on 26 September 1876

When Thomas was just 5 years old he contracted Diptheria and died on 15 February 1882.The family were living in Upper Hutt at that time but Thomas was buried on 17 February in Taita Church yard.The funeral was conducted by the Rev W. Connell the Wesleyan Minister[7].

Upper Hutt did not have it's own Doctor until after the turn of the century and in these times Lower Hutt doctors would cover the Upper Hutt area. Doctor Wilford who saw Thomas on the 14th, the day before he died, was on the 17th visiting another patient in Wainuiomata[8]. As travel in those days would have been by horseback he must have spent a lot of time in the saddle.


Mary Jane Wyeth

Mary Jane was born on 15 July 1878 the 5th child eldest daughter of Joseph and Phoebe Wyeth.

On the 10 March 1898 Mary aged 20 made application to marry Benjamin Bern an Engine Cleaner of Upper Hutt who had been in New Zealand for just 12 months. Unfortunately her father would not agree and the wedding did not take place.

In 1903 Mary was married to Francis Edwin Wackeldine a widower of South Dunedin[9]. Their request for a Marriage Licence was filed on 5 January 1903. Francis, a fireman by occupation aged 34 had been living in South Dunedin for 5 years. Mary, a spinster, aged 24 years, had been living in South Dunedin for 8 months.

Mary's Family

Ethel Rose Wackeldine

Ethel was born on 16 November 1906 she  married George Thomas Jones in 1925. When Ethel died in 2006 her name was  Ethel Rose Smith.


Elizabeth Wyeth

Elizabeth was born on 29 January 1880 the 6th child 2nd daughter of Joseph and Phoebe Wyeth.

In 1903 in Dannevirke Elizabeth married Thomas Sunnex. Thomas born 12 August 1872 was the second son of John and Mary Ann (nee Thomas) Sunnex. John Sunnex was a brother of Phoebe Elizabeth's mother. When they applied for a Marriage Licence Elizabeth was aged 28, she had been living in Dannevirke for 6 months. Thomas was aged 31, a Bushworker he had been in Dannevirke for 2 years. The application was made on 9 October 1903. They were married in the Registry Office Dannevirke[10]

Elizabeth and Thomas lived in Utiku.

Elizabeth died on 12 November 1953 and Thomas on 3 December 1958.

Elizabeth's Family

Eileen / Ioline

Eileen was born on 26 August 1896. She married and had three children.

Harold Roy (Jim)

Jim was born on 11 July 1899 he was baptised at St John's Church of England on 7 January 1900.The entry in the baptismal register records Harold as the Illegitimate child of Thomas Sunnex and Elizabeth Wyeth. Sponsors Phoebe Annie Elizabeth Wyeth and Elizabeth Wyeth. In 1925 Jim married Amy Violet Baer. Amy was born 19 February 1905 the daughter of Edward and Mary Elizabeth (nee Davey) Baer. They had four children a boy followed by three girls. Amy died on 29 January 1980 and Jim on 16 January 1990.

Joseph Frederick

Joseph and his twin brother William were born on 26 April 1904 unfortunately Joseph did not survive.

William Lawrence

William, twin brother to Joseph was born on 26 April 1904. William suffered from Infantile Paralysis which resulted in him being a partial invalid.He died on 21 June 1933 as the result of a auto accident.

Ivy May

Ivy was born on 2 September 1905, Ivy died as an infant aged 10 weeks.

Herbert John (Jack)

Jack was born on 2 April 1906. He was married in England while on active service to Catherine. They did not have any children. Jack died on 5 December 1948, Catherine is thought to have gone to America.

Thomas Earnest

Thomas was born on 12 May 1907.Thomas had an Uncle Thomas Earnest Wyeth, his mother's brother, who died in 1882 aged 5 years, he is presumably named after him. Thomas was married to Cora Hart in January 1935 in Kawhai. They were divorced very late in life. Thomas died on 20 January 1979 and Cora on 27 January 1980. They had one son born in 1944.

George Joseph

George was born on 13 March 1909. While his birth is not recorded his death in 1909 is recorded age not stated.

Phoebe Annie Elizabeth

Phoebe was born in Upper Hutt on 26 March 1910. She married Charles Thomas Harrison in Otorohanga on 15 January 1934. Charles died on 27 September 1967 aged 61, as a result of being gored by a bull, Phoebe died on 8 June 1982. They had 4 children a girl and then 3 boys.

Doris Elizabeth

Doris was born in Akatarawa on 5 December 1912 she died in 1913. There is a death recorded for "Dorcas Elizabeth" Sunnex on 3 March 1913 but the age is given as 15 months.

Doris Elizabeth

The second Doris was born in Matapuna, Taumarunui on 26 July 1913. Doris married Living in Taumarunui on 17 July 1943.They had 4 children, three girls and a boy. Doris died in 1996


Charles Wyeth

Charles was born in Taita on 14 March 1881 the 5th son of Joseph and Phoebe Wyeth.

In 1922 Charles Married Alice Ward. Alice was born 7 October 1890 the daughter of William and Elizabeth Alice (nee Farnsworth) Ward.

Charles served with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force 1914 - 18 (Reg No 61884)

Charles died in Dannevirke on 8 June 1967, aged 86, he was buried on 10 June in Mangatere Cemetery Dannevirke. Alice died on the 3 May 1984 aged 93 she was also buried in Mangatere on 7 May.

Charles' Family

William Robert Wyeth

William was born in Pongaroa on 7 December 1922. He married Nellie Florence Wheeler on 19 January 1952 at St Paul's Presbyterian Church Fielding. Nellie was born in Fielding on 7 July 1928 the daughter of Thomas Henry and Helen Elizabeth (nee Neill) Wheeler. They had 5 children. William died on 13 Jun 2004.

Phoebe Alice Ward Wyeth

Phoebe was born on 2 April 1925.She was married on 16 April 1949 to William Alderson. In latter life they lived at 13 Gregg St, Dannevirke. They had 6 children. Phoebe died in 2004 and William in 2008.

Walton Frank Wyeth

Walton was born on 16 May 1929.Walton was married and had three children. Walton died on 9 July 2002 in Eketahuna, Wairarapa.


George Wyeth

WH8 George and Fam 1918a.jpg (198504 bytes)
Louisa, Eric, Ivy, Joseph and George

George was born in Upper Hutt, on 5 November 1885 the 6th son of Joseph and Phoebe Wyeth. George was baptised at St Johns Church of England at Trentham on 27 November 1885. He attended Upper Hutt School from 30 January 1894 to 30 January 1902 he left to start work in Upper Hutt.

In his youth George spent a lot of time at Hazelwoods Bakery in Upper Hutt where he got the nick-name Doughy.

George's mother died in November 1902, when he was aged 17, at this time there was just he and his parents living at home. After Phoebe died George and his father advertised for a housekeeper. Louise Williams was working as a waitress in Wellington when she saw the advertisement and applied for the job.Her application was sucessful and Louise moved to the house in Ebdentown Street. In 1907 George married Louise Amelia Williams (nee Allen).  When Louise and George were married they continued to live in the family home in Upper Hutt. Eric moved to Upper Hutt to live with them and while he retained his Williams name he was very much brought up as part of the Wyeth family. At this time George was working as a ganger for the Railways covering the area up to Mangaroa.  Mary Garrity,  Herbert's daughter and her sisters Phoebe and Myrtle used to go across to Upper Hutt to stay with Aunty Louise in the family Homestead.

Elizabeth Francis (nee Sherman) and Charles Allen

Elizabeth had 5 children.  Elizabeth and Charles were married in

Louisa Amelia Allen, born 07 Aug 1881, Kumara, West Coast, New Zealand, d. 21 Sep 1937, Wellington Hospital, Wellington City, Wellington, New Zealand

James William Allen, born Abt 1883, New Zealand

George Alfred Edgar Allen, born Abt 1884, New Zealand

Ellen Allen, born Abt 1887, New Zealand

Violet Maria Sherman/Allen, born Abt 1888, New Zealand, d. Abt 1969, New Zealand.

Louise was born in Kumara, Westland, in the house next door to Dick Seddon, later to be Prime Minister of New Zealand,and was named after one of his daughters. Louise had been married before to Tommy Williams who died from consumption. Tommy and Louise had one son Eric[11] who had been living with his grandmother in Blackball.

Violet Sherman was married in 1909 to Simpson Allan Auld, they had three children. Simpson was killed in a rail accident at Summit Station in the Rimutaka Mountains north of Wellington in 1917. The accident occured in the rail yards within one hundred yards of their home and involved 15 wagons running over his body. Violet later became house keeper for Georges older brother Joseph (Jack) some time after Jack's wife Kate died in 1917. She was still looking after him when he died in 1959.

George and Louise continued to live with Joseph for a number of years until they puchased a pie shop in Newtown, Wellington and moved into the flat over the shop. Both their children had been born in the house in Ebdentown St.

Their next move was to Roxburgh St in Wellington George took up drainlaying which he continued when they moved to Pririe St. It was from Pirie Street that Ivy got married, they then moved to Taranaki St where they were living on 22 September when Louise died. George remarried and he and Alice moved to Henry St Upper Hutt but Alice died and George moved to Masterton to live with his son Joseph, where he remained until he died in Masterton Hospital on 13 July 1960. George is buried in Archer Street Cemetery Masterton.

George's Family

Ivy Violet Elizabeth

Ivy was born in Ebdentown St Upper Hutt on 25 September 1907, Ivy was baptised at St John' Church Trentham on 27 October 1907. Modes of transport during Ivy's childhood were much different to today, Ivy well remembers going, with her mother, by Horse and Gig to visit the Hoopers who were friends of her mothers living in Taita.From 9 September 1912 Ivy attended Upper Hutt School going home across the paddocks each day for lunch, quite a journey for a little girl. Ivy left school to attend Petone District High School, however she was readmitted to Upper Hutt and finally left on 9 May 1919 to attend school in Wellington. The family moved to Newtown and Ivy's first job after leaving school was working in her parents Newtown pie shop making pies.

Ivy was married at St Peter's Church of England Mission Hall Taranaki Street Wellington on 18 September 1926 to Gordon William White. Gordon was born in Inglewood on 27 August 1903 the son of Charles and Harriet (nee Goble) White.

When they were first married Ivy and Gordon lived in Abel Smith St in Wellington Gordon working at the time for a building firm "Edwards Contracting." The Hawkes Bay Earthquake on the 3 February 1931 resulted in Gordon and his family moving to Napier to take part in the rebuilding. When that was over they returned to Wellington and stayed with Gordon's parents in Kilbirnie. It was in Kilbernie that Avis started school. Gordon changed his job and they moved into a flat in the rear of McKenzies building in lower Willis Street overlooking Boulcott St, Gordon was the building Caretaker here they remained here for the next 37 years. With retirement approaching Ivy and Gordon purchased around an acre of land in Greytown for 120 pounds. They built and developed their retirement home over the period before Gordon's retirement traveling to Greytown each weekend. During this time Sue their daughter in law was running a florists shop in Wellington and the section in Greytown contributed a number of flowers to the enterprise. Gordon and Ivy lived in Greytown for 8 years until Gordon's death on 22 April 1976 just under 5 months short of their Golden Wedding anniversary. Gordon was buried in the churchyard of the Church of England in Greytown. Two years later Ivy moved to Flat 15 62 Moxham Ave Haitaitai Wellington where she was still living some 15 years later. For many years Ivy after Gordon died was Housekeeper for Sir Frank Renoff. Ivy and Gordon had two children.

Joseph George Wyeth

Joseph was born in Ebdentown St Upper Hutt on 1 September 1910, he was baptised on 25 September 1910 at St John's Church Trentham it was Ivy's third birthday. Joseph was at Berhampore School prior to attending Upper Hutt School from 1 February 1916 to 21 February 1917. He then went to Trentham School. He was married twice firstly in 1933 to Rose May Reid that marriage ended in divorce. He was then remarried in 1943 toIrene Charlotte Wiley. Irene was born on 2 May 1923 at Hastwells, Wairarapa, the daughter of James Hamilton and Eileen May (nee Wilton) Wiley. Joseph died October 1987.

Source - The comments on George and his family came from Ivy White whom I visited several times at her home in Moxham Ave, Haitaitai, Wellington.


Annie Wyeth

Annie was born in Upper Hutt on 27 June 1888. Annie was the 3rd daughter 9th and youngest child of Joseph and Phoebe Wyeth. Unfortunately Annie's birth was premature and she only lived for 7 hours. She was buried in Upper Hutt the next day, the 28 June 1888.

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