Elizabeth Ann (nee Wyeth) Chamberlain / McLeod

Elizabeth Wyeth/Chamerlain/McLeod/

Elizabeth Ann Wyeth was born in the Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand on 17 September 1856 the 4th daughter, 9th child of Robert and Jane Wyeth.

On 23 July 1876 at the age 19 Elizabeth married Samuel Edinborough Chamberlain. Samuel was born in Wellington on 8 April 1849 the youngest son of Sussannah Catherine (nee Bull) and Thomas Chamberlain Samuel was born in Northland, Wellington, New Zealand where his family had a dairy farm. In 1854 Samuel's father had taken part in the first ballot for sections on the Upper Plain, Masterton under the "Small farms Settlement Scheme" and had been successful obtaining sections for himself and his 5 sons. Chamberlain Road in Masterton now passes through the land that was Samuel's property. Some acres of this land remain in the family. After the 1855 earthquake in Wellington the older Chamberlain boys moved to Upper Plains and built a house for the family which they called 'The Oaks' in what is now Edith Street, Masterton. The rest of the family followed in 1858 when the dairy farm had been sold. Samuel's father died just one year later in 1859.


Elizabeth and Samuel later moved to Miki Miki some 9 miles out of Masterton and farmed a property there. Their first two children Robert and Jane were both born there. Robert Thomas Chamberlain was born on 29 September 1877 and Ellen Jane (Nellie) Chamberlain on 13 June 1879. When Robert turned two both he and Jane contracted diphtheria. In both cases it proved fatal, Nellie (Jane) dying on 5 November and Robert 22 days later on 27 November 1879. Jane was less than 5 months old. The children were buried in Masterton Cemetery in the same plot as their Grandmother Jane, (Elizabeth's mother). Their father, Samuel and their grandfather Robert were also buried in this plot when they died some years later.

The distance from Miki Miki to town had proved to be a long and dangerous trip in times of emergency, when Elizabeth was expecting their third child Samuel moved her into Masterton to stay with his mother at 'the Oaks'. It was in this house that their third child, Lizzie Chamberlain was born on 7 October 1881.

Their fourth child May Margaret Sussannah Chamberlain was born on 2 June 1883.

Samuel Chamberlain died on 1 March 1884, while visiting the Chamberlain home "Rosswood," in Kibblewhite St Masterton his appendix ruptured which proved fatal. He is buried in Archer Street Cemetery in the same plot as his two eldest children.


Sussannah and Thomas Chamberlain

Thomas Chamberlain

Thomas Camberlain was born on 10 June 1806 the son of Thomas and Elizabeth (nee Edinborough) Chamberlain. Thomas was married in Eydon, Northamptonshire, England in 17 October 1931 to Sussannah Catherine Bull. Sussannah was born on 7 February 1809 in Eydon,( some sources have her birth as 12 February.)

Sussannah Chamberlain

Sussannah and her sisters had kept a school and Thomas' family had felt he was marrying beneath him. Sussannah was born on 7 February 1809[1] The Chamberlains were leasing land at Daventry from Sir Chas Knightly in 1841 he told them that he wanted their land for cropping. After alot of pressure they agreed to a price for one crop, the land to revert to them after the crop was harvested. He planted a crop of acorns. They had effectively lost their land and so had to leave to New Zealand. Sussannah and Thomas came to New Zealand in the ship 'London' arriving on 2 May 1842 with three children, their youngest Edwin had died on the way out and was buried at sea.

Thomas died on 5 January 1859, aged 52, of a heart attack, just a year after moving his family to Masterton. Sussannah died many years later on 1 January 1891 age 82 she is buried in Archer Street Cemetery, Masterton. Their children were:-

Born in Daventry      
William Edinborough Chamberlain  born 7/6/1832  died 31/1/85  Married Elizabeth Jemima Kibblewhite
Sarah Ann Chamberlain  born 11/6/1834  died 26/2/1873 aged 38  Married Brown Hunt.[2]
Giles Edinborough Chamberlain  born 31/3/1838  died Circa 1930  Married Penelope Jane dau of Joseph Whatton.[3]
Edwin Edinborough Chamberlain  born 21/1/1841    Died at sea on way to New Zealand
Born Tinakori Wellington    
Edmund Edinborough Chamberlain  born 31/10/1843  died 26/1/1930  Married Catherine(Kitty) McKenzie[4]
Born Northland Wellington    
Thomas Edinborough Chamberlain  born 3/5/1847  died 21/9/1908  Married Catherine McLachlan[5]
Samuel Edinborough Chamberlain  born 8/4/1849  died 1/3/1884  Buried Masterton
Sussanna Edinborough Chamberlain  born 16/11/1851  Died as an infant  Buried at Karori.


After Samuel's death Elizabeth took the two girls and moved into a small house on Samuel's Upper Plains property, through part of which Chamberlain Road had been formed.  It was from here that Lizzie started school being taken by her Chamberlain cousins to Fernridge School. The Chamberlain Road house was too isolated for Elizabeth and her girls so the family arranged another house for her in Cole Street. Elizabeth was taking in washing and boarders to get by so life for her at the time was difficult but not uncommon in those times. 

Lizzie transferred to a small school in Victoria Street for a short time and then to the Central School. The Head Master there was Mr Jackson who when Lizzie's son Tim was attending Masterton District High was still there as Headmaster of both the Central School and the District High.

Alexander McLeod

On 24 June 1891 in Masterton Elizabeth now aged 34, a widow with two young daughters married Alexander (Sandy) McLeod. Sandy, the eldest son of Catherine (nee Sinclair) and Angus McLeod, was born on 23 June 1852. 


Catherine (nee Sinclair) and Angus McLeod

Angus McLeod

Angus McLeod was born in Scotland born in 1825. Angus married Catherine Sinclair. Catherine was born in 1830,  New Zealand. Angus and Catherine came to New Zealand on the ship 'Gleaner' which sailed from Gravesend on July 29, with a full cargo and over 200 emigrants for Wellington, despatched by Messrs. Morrison, Powell, and Co., under arrangement with the Provincial Government. Angus and Catherine’s children were:

Born in Scotland

  • Alexander (Sandy) McLeod was born on 23 Jun 1852, died on 14 Feb 1929 in Masterton, New Zealand at age 76, and was buried in Masterton, New Zealand. Alex married Elizabeth Ann Chamberlain nee Wyeth.

  • Archibald McLeod was born on 1 Sep 1854 and died in 1939 at age 85.

Born in New Zealand

  • Margaret Rachel Ann McLeod was born on 12 Jan 1859, died on 12 Apr 1942 in Masterton, New Zealand at age 83, and was buried in Masterton, New Zealand. Margaret married Thomas Wyeth.

  • Angus McLeod I have no details of Angus.

  • Catherine McLeod was born in 1865 and died on 26 Jan 1924 at age 59. Catherine married Frederick Henry Wrigley,

Margaret died in Masterton on 30 Apr 1867 at age 37. Angus lived for a further 35 plus years dying on 8 Sep 1904 at age 79 also in Masterton . They are both buried in Archer Street Cemetery Masterton.

" They steered their course to the same quiet shore, not parted long and now to part no more" 

Sandy was 15 when his mother died, Archibald was 12, Margaret 8 and Catherine 2. Sandy did not get to finish his education, he became the replacement mother and also worked  on the farm. Noreen told her daughter Clare how he used to sew his sisters dresses. No mean feat when you consider what they used to wear, and he being about 12 years old at the time. As the younger ones grew up and left home he developed the Mt Bruce block into a mill. He used to go into Masterton to do shopping and would ask all his mill workers if there was anything they wanted him to collect in town. They used to ask for all sorts but he 'never' wrote a list and he 'never' got their orders wrong. He had an amazing memory. Not bad for a boy not schooled and self taught.

It wasn't until he was in his early 40's that he met and married Elizabeth. 

Alex (Sandy) was a very good man. When Elizabeth and Alex married I was told Alex always included her in business making decisions, so they worked as a team. Alex also had a block of land for milling on the road between Gisborne and Opotiki. He used to sail up there to oversee what was going on. A friend of mine (part Maori) told me Alex is still known of in Opotiki and information about him is in the museum there. He had a good relationship with local Maori. At one stage he was keen to live up at that block but because it was against Elizabeth's wishes that never happened. 

L to R - Ivy, Alexander, May, Douglas, Elizabeth, and Lizzie

Elizabeth and Alex had two children Ivy and Douglas.

  Ivy Catherine McLeod was born on 21 June 1892. They were living at Mt Bruce at the time which is 10 miles from town and a good buggy ride. When Ivy was a very young girl she became very ill and a doctor was sent for. It was said later when the doctor called on a neighbour that he didn't know if he had done the McLeod's a favour because he obviously knew if Ivy lived she would never be the same again. This was true Ivy suffered badly with convulsions as a child and as a result was to an extent retarded.  Ivy lived with her parents until she died of TB on 26 Feb 1925 aged 32. "In loving memory of Ivy Catherine bloved daughter of alex and Elizabeth McLeod died 26 Feb 1925.  

"Until the day break and shadows flee away. Sheltered and safe from Sorrow."

Douglas McLeod was born on 26 August 1896. 

Around this time Sandy was the owner of a Steam Car.  Photo is Grandpa (Alexander) McLeod driving Uncle Bert Dawson and Aunty May. Another Photo of the Steam Car. When the boys went off to war and the train was pulling out Alex would hand the boys a package each as they went. In it were goodies for them and he did this so they had no time to thank him. My mother also told me that in the local paper there would be an acknowledgement's of a gift of some dollars donated and a thank you went out. She said the person donating was Alex but nobody knew. He believed in not telling the left hand what the right was doing.

In 1916 Elizabeth was a beneficiary, along with her sisters and brother Thomas, in the estate of her eldest brother George.

Elizabeth died on 18 December 1921 aged 65 and Sandy on 14 February 1929 aged 76. They are both buried in the McLeod family plot in Masterton Cemetery.

"In loving memory of Elizabeth beloved wife of Alexander McLeod died 18 Dec 1921 aged 65'.  Alexander died 14 feb 1929 aged 76 
" Ever loved and remembered."


Lizzie Chamberlain

Lizzie was born in her Grandmothers home in Masterton on 7 October 1880 the 2nd Daughter 3rd child of Elizabeth and Samuel Chamberlain.

Lizzie's youth would have been spent on the family farm at Miki Miki some 9 miles out of Masterton, or at the homes of her Grandparents in Masterton. Shortly before her death in 1962 Lizzie had described her grandmother Chamberlain's home as being surrounded by old fashioned gardens, trees and birds. With paths and an old fashion pump at the side. By this time, 'the Oaks,' having served for some years as a hayshed, was only the ruins of the once pretty cottage that had been her birthplace. The remains were finally demolished in 1970.

On 24 April 1906 Lizzie married William Tankersley. William was born on 26 August 1876 the son of Richard Theophylus and Maria (nee Prentice) Tankersley.

From 1910 till 1921 Lizzie and William managed "Dunvegan" the McLeod estate at Mount Bruce

Lizzie and William led active lives both in Masterton and after 1921 in the Hawkes Bay where they had purchased "Glenside." Lizzie was always keen to lend a hand where she could and was delighted with the aims of the Country Woman's Institute which she saw as a wonderful help to country women she also had an active involvement in the Woman's division of Federated Farmers.

"Glenside,"was a 243 hectare property off Kereru Rd, about 2 miles above the Maraekakaho settlement in the Hawkes Bay.


Richard Theophylus Tankersley

(18/8/1847- 23/3/1929)

Rear - William Sarah Steve Eva Roy
Front - Lilla Richard Marae Iris

Born 18 August 1847 the son of Thomas William and Sarah (nee Draper) Tankersley and born in Wellington, he was 10 years of age when the family moved to Masterton after the 1855 earthquake. Richard married Maria Prentice who was born on 20 March 1853.

Richard served for some years as a Lieutenant in the Masterton Militia Force, thus qualifying for a Volunteer Grant - Land or Script for 60 acres, or £30 in cash for so many years service. He was 22 years of age when he took over about 200 acres on the Te Mara in the Kiriwhakapapa area.

The block was still covered with bush, through which Richard had to cut a track to get timber to the site where the house was to be built. The name 'Forest Home" was indeed appropriate. Some of the larger trees were sold to Alex McLeod Sawrniller, whose tram track extended some 5 miles from the mill site near the Ruamahunga River into the Kiriwhakapapa Valley.

Breaking in virgin land was hard work without the mechanised assistance available today. Diary notes by Richard at this time frequently recorded the labours of each day as follows – “Grubbing sorrel .... burning sorrel. Forest Home property was not an easy proposition for one whom, from a relatively young age, was crippled with rheumatism. Fortunately the more difficult tasks were shared by Stephen, Will and Roy. Girls were limited to household chores in those days.

Richard was the first chairman of the Miki Miki School Committee. Roy and Eva were first day pupils in 1897. Iris followed 10 years later.

In 1914, at 67 years, Richard and Maria retired to 12 Johnstone Street, Masterton, where Richard - on walking sticks and later crutches - cared for his orchard until his rheumatism prevented him from moving out of the house. Richard and Maria were together for over 50 years. This photo was taken at their Golden Wedding.

Richard became more and more paralysed, and was confined to his bed for several months prior to his death 23rd March 1929 aged 81. Maria lived at No. 12 until her death 26th April 1939, at the age of 86 years[7]. Richard, his parents, and Maria are buried in adjacent plots in Archer Street Cemetery Masterton

Richard and Maria's children were:

Stephen, born 13/2/1875[8]- died1953 Biog at AT 1953 1/61;

William; born 26/8/1876

Sarah; born 29/4/1878 died 1937 not married

Lila; born 30/9/1880 died 31/3/1954

Roy; born 13/5/1883 died 29/5/1962, married Alice 2nd child of Thomas and Margaret Wyeth.

Eva, born 19/3/1885 died 2/9/1963, married WP Cooke.

Iris; born 15/10/1895 died 2/8/1965 not married

Sarah, Iris and Eva are buried in the same plot in Archer Street Cemetery Masterton

After William's death on 23 August 1923 Lizzie's son Tim left school and took over the management of the family farm. When Tim married Lizzie and her youngest son Bob moved back to Masterton into a home built on the land that had been part of her father's original "Small Farms Settlement" now in Upper Plains Road Masterton, not a quarter of a mile from the remains of the home of her Grandmother in which she had been born. Helen at this time was away at Napier Girls High School. When it looked likely that Bob would be called up for active service, Helen got a teaching job within commuting distance of home and returned to look after her mother, a task she continued until Lizzie died in 15 July 1962 at her home in Upper Plains Road. Helen continued to live in the home for many years until her death on 5 Feb 2004. Helen is buried in Archer Street cemetery, Masterton.

Lizzie's Family

William Edinborough (Tim) Tankersley

Tim was born at Nurse Spellman's Nursing home in Masterton on 30 June 1907. Tim attended Wairarapa District High School until he was 16 when due to the death of his father he had to take over running "Glenside," the family farm. This was in 1923.

He was married in 1935 to Winnifred Audrey Reynolds. Winifred was born on 19 February 1906 the daughter of Ernest George and Elsie Myra (nee Lyall) Reynolds

Tim had an extensive workshop, and many a time people round the district had called on him for help when they had mechanical problems.

Tim was involved in the construction of the Maraekakaho School baths, the Mangatahi School tennis courts, and extensions and renovations to the Maraekakaho Hall and various other local amenities.

Tim was an advisory member of the Young Farmers club and organised ploughing and shearing competitions. He was a keen member of the Poporangi Rifle club and the Maraekakaho Minature Rifle Club and was a member of a local team that won a Hawkes Bay rifleshooting competition. Tim also played indoor bowls.

Up until his death on Sunday 27 September 1987, at age 80, Tim was an active farmer and still drove around the farm in his diesel truck each day feeding the Turkeys and cattle. It was said at the time of his death that Tim was the last of his age group to farm in the area. Wyn had died on 1 September 1987 just under four weeks before Tim.

Tim and Wyn had four children. At the time of Tim's death Robert was leasing and farming part of "Glenside"

Helen Tankersley

Helen was born at Mt Bruce on "Dunvegan" which her father was managing at the time, on 22 June 1911. Helen was 10 when her family moved to Glenside and Helen attended Maraekakaho Primary school for standard 6. From Maraekakaho Helen went to Napier Girls High and then to Teachers College in Wellington. Unfortunately the Government decided to close Wellington and Dunedin teachers colleges at the end of Helen's first year so she had to transfer to Auckland to complete her training. Her PA year was spent at Havelock North followed by two temporary assignments each of 1 year duration at Kiritaki (9 miles out of Dannevirke), and Woodville. Helen's first permanent position was a 3 year stint at Turakina, out of Wanganui.

It was during Helen's time at Turakina that War broke out and Helen's younger brother Bob asked her to try to get a position in Masterton so that she could look after mother while he was away. Helen found a position at Te Ore Ore which enabled her to move home to 45 Upper Plains Road, she spent the next 8 years teaching at Te Ore Ore. From Te Ore Ore Helen was asked to take on the Special Class at Masterton Central a task which she undertook for 6 years. In 1955 a position at Matahiwi, 6 miles out of Masterton, well within commuting distance from Upper Plains Road became vacant so Helen moved to another school this time for 16 years until she retired in 1971.It was during the time at Matahiwi that Helen's Mother died. Helen still lives at 45 Upper Plains Rd Masterton.

Douglas Robert (Bob) Tankersley

Bob was born at Nurse Spellman's Nursing Home in Masterton on 2 August 1913. The journey in from Mt Bruce by buggy and pair had been a long one and Bob was nearly born on the doorstep. Bob had a difficult time making it into the world, only 4 pounds in weight at birth he was always small but wiry. Bob attended school at Maraekakaho primary until standard 7. After Tim took over Glenside Bob moved into Masterton with his mother.

Prior to the Second World War Bob had a job gardening in Masterton and had attended a course in motor mechanics. It was this course that enabled Bob to get into the Engineers for his term of active service. Bob was overseas for four years. When he returned, he joined the Forest Service and was in time made foreman; this involved a deal of travelling as the service used Bob in setting up new forestry operations. When he got engaged Bob did not want to continue being moved around and so left the service and got a job in a local garage. Bob was married in 1950 to Nancy Ellen (Nan) Matthews. Nan was born on 15 January 1926 the daughter of Leonard John and Ellen Jessie (nee Colquhoun) Matthews. Bob and Nan built a house in Chamberlain Road Masterton where they lived until after Gavin was born. They then moved to Nan's parent's property in Opaki and started a poultry business. Their second child Gay was born during this time. When the old Tankersley farm, "Forest Home", behind Miki Miki school came on the market they purchased it. Later they moved to Mount Bruce, when Gavin married they built another house on the property for him and his wife. It was here that Bob died on 12 June 1982. Nancy now lives in her own home on her sons property.


May Margaret Susannah Chamberlain

May was born in the Wairarapa on 2 June 1883[10] the 3rd daughter 4th child of Elizabeth and Samuel Chamberlain.

May married Robert Reese Dawson. Robert was born in 1887 the son of  Joseph and Anne (nee Reese) Dawson. 

Robert was brought up in the Pahiatua area and started work with his father who was a bridge builder and at one time a County Engineer in Wanganui.

Around 1913 Robert had a carrying business between Raetihi and Ohahuni. Later they moved to Wanganui.


Joseph and Anne (nee Reese) Dawson 

Joseph was born in Tasmania in 1843, and followed the occupation of a farmer. He came to New Zealand in 1869, and at the age of twenty-six entered as an apprentice to the carpentering trade with the late Mr. D. Reese. Before he had served half his time he became foreman, and carried out many of the large railway station buildings and sheds on the Southbridge and Ashburton lines. Within a few years he became architect and contractor, designing and constructing many of the buildings in East Christchurch, including Ward and Co.'s brewery buildings. After this he removed to Greytown in the North Island, but finally settled in Masterton, where he tendered for some of the most important works and bridges, and carried out all his undertakings to the satisfaction of those concerned. In 1889 he removed to Pahiatua, where he now resides in a very comfortable two-story house in the main street. He is very popular in the district. In public affairs he was chairman of the Pahiatua Town Board for two terms, and was also a member of the Borough Council. He is a member of the Masterton Licensing Committee, and of the Pahiatua Lodge of Freemasons. In his younger days he was for some years champion sculler of New Zealand, and was never beaten until he lowered his colours to Hearn at Kaipoi. Joseph married Anne Reese in 1875,  their children were: 

Alexander Dawson,   born Abt 1879, New Zealand

Cecilia Dalziel Dawson,   born Abt 1881, New Zealand

Gladys Jean Dawson,   born Abt 1884, New Zealand 

Baby Dawson,   born 1885, New Zealand,   died 1885, New Zealand

Robert Reese Dawson,   born Abt 1887, New Zealand

Walter Dawson,   born Abt 1889, New Zealand

Josephine Dalziel Dawson,   born 13 Feb 1893, Pahiatua, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand,   died 10 Aug 1975, Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Joseph died in 1923 aged 79 years.


May's Family

Alexander Joseph Dawson

Alexander was born in 1911[11]. He did not marry and died aged 25 as a result of diabetes from which he had suffered from age 16.

Reese Edinborough Dawson

Reese was born on 2 September 1913. His early childhood was spent in Raetihi where his father had a carrying business between Raetihi and Ohahuni. They moved to Wanganui in time for Reese to attend the Technical High School there. Reese was very keen on sport to his father's joy. He played rugby for the school teams and did well with his boxing, spending all his spare time practicing with the punch ball. After leaving school he had a number of jobs including a period with the Public Works Department on the West Coast of the South Island where he met Freda May Connor, they were married in 1938. Things didn't work out and they parted and she went home to her family in Wellington. Reese moved home to Masterton. Then World War II, Reese was away for four years. When he returned after the War he married Noreen Elizabeth McLeod daughter of his mother's half-brother Douglas McLeod. Reese and Noreen's first child was named Stanley Lorimer Dawson after a close friend who had been killed in the War. Reese and Noreen had 6 children. Reese died on 31 August 1991.

Elizabeth Anne Dawson

Bet was born in 9 July 1915[12]. She married Alexander Watt Brown and had one daughter. Sandy was the owner of a timber yard in Harrison Street Masterton. Elizabeth's daughter was just 9 months old when Sandy died. They moved to Caius Ave, Gonville for several years, leaving a manager to run the timber yard.

Bet was remarried in 1948 to Robert Johnston Gordon. Robert was born on 25 Dec 1908, Elizabeth and he had two sons. Robert died in 1983 and Bet on 17 August 1986.


Douglas McLeod

Douglas was born on 26 August 1896 the youngest son of Elizabeth and Alexander (Sandy) McLeod.  Douglas was a healthy lad and the laird of the family and terribly spoilt by all accounts. His half sisters May and Lizzy adored and spoilt him also. He went away to the WWI just newly married to Dorothy White. He met her in Masterton. When Alex was ill he was nursed by Dorothy's sister who was a nurse at the Hospital in Cole Street (still there and is a rest home now). Douglas was released from the war in England and his father Alex paid his return home via Scotland and the USA. It took a year from him to return from this trip. On arriving Alex and Elizabeth had built and furnished, right down to the knives and forks in the drawers a home for Douglas and Dorothy to move into on Cole Street, Masterton. This they did until they moved out to the Mr Bruce farm and Alex and Elizabeth moved to their own home at Cole Street. Nevin was born in Auckland as his mother was staying with her family while Douglas was at the war, but Noreen and Jean were both born at the farm in Mt Bruce.

Dorothy was born on 23 October 1883. Dorothy came from a well-to-do family in Auckland

Douglas inherited 'Dunvegan' the McLeod estate originally farmed by his Grandparents Angus and Catherine McLeod.

Dorothy died on 28 December 1953 and Douglas on 15 March 1972 aged 75.

Douglas' Family

Nevin Douglas McLeod

Nevin was born on 8 April 1918, his father was overseas at the War at the time. Nevin married Joyce Ellen. They have one daughter Rosemary. Nevin died 9 May 1980[14].

Noreen Elizabeth McLeod

Noreen was born on 25 June 1921. She was the second wife of Reese Edinborough Dawson, her cousin. Noreen and Reese had 6 children. They are now separated and Noreen lives at 17A Keir St Masterton.

Dorothy Jean McLeod

Jean was born on 11 February1923. She has not married and now lives at 22 Konini Street Masterton.

Thanks to Helen Tankersley (daughter of Lizzie Chamberlain) and Clare Taunton grandaughter of May Chamberlain and Douglas McLeod) for providing most of these comments.

Last updated 11 Nov 2009

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