Sarah Runnalls

Female Abt 1807 - 1857  (~ 50 years)

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? Poad
Male Abt 1835-Abt 1835
Eva Ellen Harris
Female 1883-1968
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William Kemble Welch
Male Abt 1886-1964
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Harry Bradford
Male Abt 1887-1953
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Lucy Jane Welch
Female 1856-1922
Duncan McLachlan
Male 1855-1942
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Lily Irene Welch
Female 1891-1934
James Welch
Male 1860-1909
Lewis Welch
Male 1886-1963
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Rupert Welch
Male Abt 1887-Abt 1963
Louise Life Thompson
Female Abt 1888-Abt 1940
Albert Welch
Male 1889-1972
Cyril Welch
Male 1892-1957
Mary Falkner
Female 1886-1966
Vernon Welch
Male Abt 1894-1971
Owen Welch
Male 1897-Abt 1984
Ethel Falkner
Female 1898-1985
New chart
Henry Welch
Male 1865-1928
Edward Welch
Male 1868-1938
Mary Ann Barnes
Female Abt 1870-1939
Doris Errol Bray
Female 1894-1972
Harry Holloway Green
Male Abt 1881-1964
Edna Maud Shortt
Female 1902-1979
Elgar Harvey Bray
Male Abt 1906-1970
Lydia Maud Welch
Female 1869-1959
William Bray
Male 1866-1929
Ellen Mary Ryan
Female Abt 1861-1949
Ethel Welch
Female Abt 1898-Abt 1898
Bertha Welch
Female 1898-1898
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Bruce Cranstoun Welch
Male 1907-Abt 1978
Frances Emily Brown
Female 1908-Abt 1993
Alfred Welch
Male 1872-1946
Margaret Hazlette Cran
Female Abt 1869-1933
Jessie Maxwell
Female 1905-1977
New chart
Edith Emma King
Female 1880-1964
Mollie Frances Redmond
Female 1914-Abt 1991
New chart
John Owen Gill
Male 1916-Abt 1997
William John McNeight
Male Abt 1907-Abt 1966
John Francis Redmond
Male Abt 1875-1946
Mary Ann Poad
Female 1836-1915
Henry Welch
Male 1832-1884
Thomas Death
Male 1859-1946
Minnie Louise Cole
Female Abt 1871-1948
Joseph Edward Death
Male 1863-Abt 1932
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Henry John D'ath
Male 1864-1957
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Harold Charles D'ath
Male Abt 1915-1924
Nellie Shaw
Female Abt 1899-Abt 1949
William Platt
Male 1873-1938
Minnie Ettie Death
Female 1874-Abt 1949
James Owen Death
Male 1876-1961
Ilma Lucy Death
Female Abt 1915-
Thelma Olive Death
Female 14 Sep.1915-1994
Gertrude Allen
Female 1884-1972
Lucy Maud Death
Female 1883-1961
Andrew Millar
Male Abt 1883-1952
George Death
Male 1831-1910
Lilian Burke
Female 1888-1930
New chart
Frank George Evans
Male Abt 1875-1950
Arthur Wood
Male 1887-1973
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New chart
Henry Gardiner
Male 1857-1939
Alfred John Poad
Male 1873-1873
William Poad
Male 1877-1877
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Lorna Ellen Meachen
Female 1903-Abt 1999
New chart
Harold Meachen
Male 1905-1977
Catherine Hope Flaws
Female Abt 1908-2007
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Clarence Meachen
Male 1907-1981
Ena Flora Moss
Female 1906-1996
New chart
New chart
John Meachen
Male 1878-1922
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New chart
Ruby Bell Poad
Female 1914-1978
New chart
Alma Noelle Poad
Female 1915-2000
Bernard Hutchins
Male 1915-1984
New chart
Enid Jessie Poad
Female 1918-2004
New chart
Joyce Olive Poad
Female 1922-1998
New chart
John Poad
Male 1841-1901
Sarah Masters
Female 1843-1899
Donald Guy Poad
Male 1892-1943
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Jeanie Fraser
Female Abt 1868-1962
Edna Annie Udy
Female 1893-1993
New chart
Alvin Hart Udy
Male 1894-1895
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Hart Udy
Male 1901-1966
New chart
Leo William Udy
Male 1904-1985
Hart Udy
Male 1857-1934
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Albert Owen Poad
Male 1904-1973
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Mavis Vera Poad
Female 1906-1987
Phyllis Ivy Poad
Female 1911-1911
Thomas Owen Poad
Male 1870-1923
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Ona Evelyn Rice
Female 1911-2004
Kira Merle Rice
Female 1913-1983
Emily Poad
Female 1875-1966
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New chart
Lillian Amos
Female 1908-1993
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Esma Isobel Duffy
Female 18 Dec1912-1970
New chart
Amelia May Poad
Female 1877-1969
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Kathleen Evans
Female Abt 1879-1924
Mary Jane Mason
Female 1869-1956
Elizabeth Hill
Female Abt 1877-Abt 1927
Annie Swankie
Female 1899-1985
New chart
Dulcie May Haigh
Female 1915-1956
Katie Maud Poad
Female 1884-1960
Edward John Haigh
Male 1880-Abt 1946
Mary Alice Green
Female 1912-1978
Annie Pilcher
Female 1843-1893
Phoebe Helena Free
Female Abt 1869-Abt 1949
Bertha Kate Oldham
Female 1906-Abt 1993
New chart
Hart Allen Udy
Male 1899-1963
New chart
Amy Alice Peterken
Female 1877-Abt 1974
New chart
Joseph Bryant Peterken
Male Abt 1920-1961
Norman Henry Pratt
Male 1928-Abt 2001
Daisy Isabella Peterken
Female Abt 1882-Abt 1962
New chart
Hazard Nelson Peterken
Male Abt 1910-1947
Florence Bates
Female 1916-Abt 2004
Ernest George Peterken
Male Abt 1884-1921
Jessie Beatrice Biggs
Female Abt 1886-1966
Ian Theodore Peterken
Male 1921-Abt 1972
Bruce Arthur Peterken
Male 1923-Abt 2006
Louisa Katrina Neilsen
Female 1887-Abt 1987
Patricia Iris
Female 1929-2007
Alfreda Kate Elliott
Female Abt 1899-1961
Thomas Poad, Jnr
Male 1850-1866
Margaret Christina Taylor
Female Abt 1899-Abt 1941
James Gray Horn
Male Abt 1897-Abt 1966
Ian Richard Marmaduke Taylor
Male Abt 1902-Abt 1966
New chart
Norris Marsden Taylor
Male Abt 1908-Abt 1951
Constance Mita Julian
Female 1913-Abt 2009
John Henry Taylor
Male Abt 1912-Abt 1973
Noel Owen Taylor
Male 1922-Abt 2013
Edward Ross Taylor
Male 1923-Abt 1998
Joseph Poad
Male 1853-1923
Helen Harvey
Female 1856-1879
Arthur Miller
Male 1906-1955
New chart
Robert Galbraith
Male 1868-1953
Emily Poad
Female 1911-1911
Alberta Poad
Female 1911-1911
Albert Clue Poad
Male 1888-1944
Agnes Janet (McDonald)
Female Abt 1905-1976
New chart
New chart
Thomas McDonald
Male 1879-1963
Henry James Dawbin
Male Abt 1884-Abt 1960
New chart
Leslie Albert Poad
Male Abt 1932-1936
New chart
New chart
Emma Farley
Female Abt 1860-1951
New chart
Sarah Runnalls
Female Abt 1807-1857
Thomas Poad
Male 1811-1875